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Ginny Marie Wellness was founded in 2008. It has been our honor, to work with talented Attorney's.

Why us?

Great Question!

Our goal is to assist individuals with living life to the fullest, and getting through the hard times, a healthier, happier person...

With our outstanding professional team, and 50% discounts, a variety of pricing, programs and locations we continue to help many!

Our Mission

To provide educational opportunities to individuals so they may gain the knowledge and tools to help themselves solve problems and create a pathway toward happiness in their day to day life.

Legal Eagles

Your "New Life" process includes Law Enforcement, Courts, and Wellness Service Providers.

After careful review, we have enjoyed a positive professional relationship with these Legal Eagles..In your Ginny Marie Wellness program, we provide a Life Coach.

Now, you can select a talented Legal Eagle. We provide monthly wellness progress reports, which meet the Court requirements. The Ginny Marie Wellness Legal Eagle list will be updated monthly The Legal Eagles are available in our Idaho / Washington region.



Kevin Rogers Boise (208) 805-9880 

Rob Lewis Boise (208) 395-0667 

Mitchell Aguilar (208) 947-7249


Jeff Gregory Kent / Kirkland (425) 454-9959

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Ginny Marie Smith

Ginny Marie Smith was truly an inspiration. Her compassion for life and her gifts of love were truly appreciated throughout her lifetime. Ginny felt that everyone in life deserved a fair chance, had the ability to change, and the right to be happy.

With her passing, Ginny Marie Wellness Centers and the Ginny Marie Wellness Foundation were established to provide educational opportunities for those looking to change for the better and move on to a healthier happier life.

Since 2008, Ginny Marie Wellness has had the opportunity to serve families, individuals, and groups with quality educational programs.

In 2011, we expanded our services and designed additional educational programs to better serve our client base. Our programs focus toward interactive education geared for each individual, rather than traditional cookie-cutter programs.

Because of the foundation we are able to offer educational courses at a discounted rate.  All professional fees reflect a 50% discount due to generous matching contribution be The Ginny Marie Wellness Foundation.

Ginny Marie Wellness 2016 relapse rate was 2.43% 4,017 Graduated Clients since 2008

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