Ginny Marie Wellness Fresh Start

Ginny Marie Wellness Fresh Start


I have practiced since 1992. Ginny Marie Wellness was founded in 2008. We have established Wellness Centers, throughout Idaho and Washington.

In 2010, we converted into educational based programs, from our previous counseling based programs. The relapse rate was averaging about 26%.

With our educational program, 4,017 graduates are averaging only a 2.43% relapse rate. Courts throughout the Northwest, are now requiring educational programs.

In the past 12 months, we have conducted meetings about improving our educational programs. After meeting with Judges, Public Defenders, Private Attorney's, and Probation Officers, We reached that our performance was not acceptable.

We listened to their input, to improve services for our Clients. The main challenge was the issue of communications, directly to the professionals of the court system.

The Ginny Marie Wellness Centers have listened to this valuable input. We have created our new Ginny Marie Wellness Fresh Start Program.

Enclosed are the benefits of this new program. Thank you for all the input, which was provided for the  Ginny Marie Wellness Fresh Start Program.

Best regards,

Dr. Ralph Smith, Ph.D.



  • Free! Ginny Marie Wellness Assessments
  • Saturday and Evening appointments
  • Educational Workbooks / Projects / Television Shows / Testing
  • Monthly Courts / Probation Officer Client progress reports
  • Monthly Attorney's Client progress reports
  • 48 Hour response for phone calls, with Court / Probation requests
  • Client recovery life plan
  • Client Rewards Advantage club membership
  • Direct mail Client graduation certificates
  • Create Client Life plan
  • Assign Client Life Coach