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Ginny Marie Wellness provides these television programs. You can access these shows via our website at or YouTube via and search for "Life Journey with Doctor Ralph". The shows are also available on the following television stations:

  • Port Angeles / Clallam County, Washington: PAPA/Wave Broadband Channel 21

  • Lacey/Olympia/Thurston County, Washington: Thurston Community Television/Comcast Cable Channel 22

  • Boise/Caldwell/Nampa/Southwest Idaho: Idaho Open Media/Cable One Channel 64

Life Journey w/ Dr. Ralph Smith

Covering a wide variety of topics, including weight loss, financial planning, errant children, gift suggestions, children who have been diagnosed with autism, unhappily married couples, rebellious teenagers, mothers who dress far from their age, mothers who refuse to attend weddings, children being stars and their parents' rights, the emotional benefits of controlling, dysfunctional families, mothers who refuse to give their married sons money, and support for charitable causes.

Each 1-hour  episode will explore new issues and topics, helping to promote mental wellness  throughout the local community.

The series will air weekly and feature multiple segments - including answering viewer twitter questions and emails, discussing social trends and how they affect everyday life, special guest appearances and conversations with other wellness professionals to provide a full range of perspectives on any single issue.

Below you can find all of our episodes to date. Enjoy!

Television Programs: Season One

Episode 1 - Domestic Violence

Episode 2 - Family Conflict, Substance Abuse

Episode 3 - Creating a Life Plan

Episode 4 - Community Wellness

Episode 5 - Substance Abuse

Episode 6 - Family Wellness

Episode 7 - Managing Grief

Season Two

Episode 1 - Senior Family Wellness

Episode 2 - Counseling Connection

Episode 3 - The Hidden Bush/Legal Marijuana

Episode 5 - Life Plan

Episode 6 - Voluntary Life Termination

Season 3

Episode 1 - Don't Live Life in the Rear View Mirror

Episode 2 - Parenting Concepts

Life Journeys with Dr. Ralph Smith - Season 3 ep3

Life Journeys with Dr. Ralph Smith - Season 3 ep4

Life Journeys with Dr. Ralph Smith - Season 3 ep5

Life Journeys with Dr. Ralph Smith - Season 3 ep6

Lifes Journey